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I was born and raised a Bucs fan. My father never knew his little girl would become the son he never knew he had. I love to watch football. I love to watch the Bucs play even more. I admit, I'm not too much of a stats person, but ask me what number so-and-so is, and I can tell you. (Of course, the ones that play the most are the easiest) I have been to a total of 2 home games. Both games we won, of course. I can't wait to go to more, if I can find any available tickets. One day, when I have enough money, I WILL be a season ticket holder. Until that day, I will enjoy them from afar.

The Tampa Bay Bucs have been here since 1976, the year I was born. We have come a long way from being the black and orange pirates to the red and pewter power.

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