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Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Favorite Players


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I love ALL the Bucs, but there are a few that shine more than others!

Mike Alstott #40

Alstott is a football player at heart. He is a true Buccaneer. He has done many amazing things on and for this team and community. We all love the A-Train. We will miss him this season while he is out getting better. Good Luck.

Martin Gramatica #7

Automatica Gramatica, as we like to call him. He is been our old reliable for a long time, and we love is energy.

Warren Sapp #99

Sapp, what can you say about him. Some love him and some love to hate him. I love him. He is a riot. He is fun to watch on and off the field. You never know what he is going to do or say.

Derrick Brooks #55

Brooks is a great leader on and off the field. He deserved the Defense Player of the Year award last year. He has become a leader in turn-overs as well for the team.

John Lynch #47

Lynch is our hard hitter. He is a great player and asset to this team on and off the field. He does many things for this community. He's a great man.